Consider the Ant

Director/Producer, Writer, Editor
HD Video
Runtime: 11:05 min

Abandon all hope ye who enter here?

A personal search for ethics in the post-modern wilds of an overpopulated planet – where Catholic guilt, environmental destruction, and the fascinating lives of ants collide. Featuring Paul Ehrlich, the world’s leading expert on overpopulation, this kaleidoscopic journey of science and spirituality asks us, as individuals and as a species, “who are we?” and “who do we want to be?” Produced in the Documentary Film and Video MFA Program, Stanford University.

Indiewire: Raw Science Awards Winners – March 4, 2015
Wild Lens: Eyes on Conservation Podcast – April 29, 2015
Life on Terra: Field Notes – July 2015
Labocine: Science and Poetry in the Everyday – August 6, 2017

Enersen Foundation Production Grant, 2014
Carole Fielding Grant Finalist, 2014
Raw Science Film Festival, 2014 (Runner-up, Best Student Film > 10 Minute Documentary)
Black Maria Film Festival Tour, 2015 (Jury’s Citation, 2nd Prize)
Thin Line Film Festival, 2015
International Wildlife Film Festival, 2015 (Nominee, Best Student Film)
Life on Terra, 2015
Napa Valley Film Festival, 2015
Element Film Festival, 2015
Columbus International Film + Video Festival, 2015
American Documentary Film Festival, 2016
Palm Springs Unified School District Education Outreach Program, 2016

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